Mehnaz Muqaddas came from Pakistan (Mirpur) 13 years ago, she initially did not like the UK she found the houses to be too small, and not being able to speak English was a huge problem for her. Her marriage did not work out and she moved from Walsall to Bradford where she rebuilt her life with her 3 children. She had never worked in her life,

She was referred by Jobcentre to go study English in College, Mehnaz did not enjoy this learning environment and asked job centre to send her to QED. She said she felt “more comfortable to learn with ladies and very nice teacher in QED”. She joined the Quest for opportunities course with us and has now successfully completed it. She said “Yes my confidence is up, because I’m not shy, I speak wrong but I still speak”. This story shows the courage and motivation a woman can have even though they are not born in the UK.

Her future plans are to get a good job and buy her own house.

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She advised “Get out of your houses and learn for yourself and your children or in the future you will feel depressed”.

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