Multiply for businesses, organisations and schools

What is Multiply?

Multiply is a national programme funded by the government’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund. It is designed to help build confidence and remove anxiety around maths and numeracy for people who are required to use such skills as some part of their job, without it being the dominant feature.

For the employee, this provides the chance to enhance their career development and increase their skillset. For the business, it will help improve productivity and should assist with staff retention. 

The course is free to the company as it is funded via the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

How can Multiply help your business/organisation?

QED is working in partnership with other learning and training providers, large and small employers, charities, community and voluntary organisations to offer Multiply workshops and courses in West Yorkshire. 
What’s more, by enhancing your employee’s numeracy skills, knowledge and confidence you can help your business to thrive. Benefits you may see include: 
Fewer errors in the workplace, Improved productivity, Increased confidence and self-esteem amongst your employees. 
Anxiety around maths has been found to be the biggest barrier to people improving their numeracy skills, despite a large proportion of the UK population struggling with the basics. Multiply workshops are supportive, exam free and help people to overcome their confidence issues and develop a positive mindset when it comes to money and numbers.

What will be covered?

The maths support can be flexible and workshops/courses will be tailored to your workplace and team’s needs. Our trainers will complete a business needs analysis of your company and with your input, create a tailored course which will help to increase the productivity of your workforce. See overleaf for eligibility criteria.


Aged 19 and over
Live in West Yorkshire (WY home postcode)
Lived in the UK for 3 years 
Must be employed
Staff on Student Visas are not eligible. 

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