Tasliem is British-born and has experience of working as a machinist. As a single mum she was placed onto the STEP programme which QED offer by her job coach 2 years ago. Her provision comprised of attending the computer-based Job Club and doing Basic Skills each week.  Tasliem recalls:

 “I didn’t know what a computer mouse was and the first time I used it, I told my children; they laughed so much!” 

 At the start Tasliem was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect, and although she had applied for jobs, her job-search was not focused enough. She was made to feel welcome at QED and felt very supported. The Job Club tutor helped her find a job which matched her skillset.
After leaving QED, Tasliem did some work experience as kitchen staff which helped her secure paid employment as a Kitchen Assistant at a local school. She said she didn’t want her children to believe that staying at home was the only option. Her future plans are to increase her hours and find more work. Tasliem has revisited QED to share her story with other learners who are currently facing similar employability challenges.


How did QED help you overcome your challenges?

“QED builds confidence to go to other places and see what other things you can do, and makes you come out of your shell which is a big thing”.

 How did QED help your confidence?
“I was shy to talk in front of the class, but the tutor made us do group presentations which helped. Coming to QED and persevering has paid off”.

Would you recommend QED to other friends and family, why?
“Yes I would, because it’s really friendly, they understand, don’t criticise you; they help you rather than do it for you”

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