National Association of British Pakistani Voluntary Organisations (NAPO)

There are around 1.5m British Pakistanis in the UK, out of a total of 8m people from ethnic minority backgrounds. Men and women from these communities have achieved outstanding success in many areas of life and especially in politics, where high-profile appointments have included Sajid Javid as Home Secretary and Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London.

But all too often the odds are stacked against them. If you are Pakistani, you are more likely to live in a deprived neighbourhood and suffer poor health than the general population. Your ethnicity, your faith, and even the place where you live can reduce the chance of you finding a job or doing well in your chosen career.

Many British Pakistani-led voluntary organisations are doing excellent work in difficult circumstances to open up opportunities to people in their communities and help them enjoy a better quality of life - but these groups are often small, isolated and lacking in resources.

QED Foundation realised that they could achieve much more by pooling their expertise and knowledge. We founded the National Association of British Pakistani Voluntary Organisations, which helps its members to:

- find ways of breaking down the barriers that hold their communities back

- support and learn from each other

- share experiences and best practice

- empower the men and women they serve to play a full role in all aspects of British society and influence public policy and decision makers

-celebrate their successes and challenge misleading negative perceptions 

-encourage people to engage in initiatives that benefit both the UK and Pakistan.

Joining NAPO is free. Full membership is open to any constituted third sector bodies, including NGOs, charities and social enterprises, provided more than half of the people on their governing bodies (e.g. trustees, boards of directors or management committees) are British Pakistanis.

Organisations and individuals who support our vision can join as associate members.

To find out more, contact Mohammed Ali ( [email protected]) on 0781201918 or (01274) 545000. Alternatively fill in the enquiry form for full or associate members below.

Full membership 

Associate membership

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